Tuesday, February 15, 2011

homemade whoopie-pie-looking cookie things?

Valentine's Day.

Fo shigga. Some were dark chocolate cookie with vanilla fluff. Strawberry cookie with vanilla fluff. Dark chocolate cookie with PEANUT BUTTER fluff. I'm kind of hopeless when it comes to incorporating PB wherever I can...

Flaxseed meal. Cute measuring spoons. I just don't like baking with eggs when I can ever avoid it...flaxseed keeps better, tastes better in baked things (to me anyway), and adds nuttiness and vitamins to all. I'm a fan. Also, chickens have nothing to do with it.

Embarrassing. My oven is so tiny that the cookie sheet wouldn't really fit...these slid to the side. Smelled beautiful. I had to salvage at least a few...I hate feeling like a kitchen boob. Why I thought they wouldn't slide, I don't know...

New solution.

Good. Thanks, cupcake pan.

*Homer Simpson noises*

My hair's longer than Aunt Marcia's. ^_^

V-day gifts from the freaking heart.

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