Monday, September 19, 2011

fat fix

When the brain starts feeling a little low, it might just need some healthy fat. Two out of the many of my non-dairy, veg-friendly fat fixes:

Vegan parmesan! Nom, dude. Made of ground walnuts and nutritional yeast mostly, with some smokey flavor and spice. I'll have to make my own of this. It adds a crumbly, nutty richness to the top of everything, filling the mouth with flavor and the brain with serotonin. (Looking closely, one can see that I was licking it off my fingers.)

Annnd all-natural organic peanut butter. This label makes me think about Santa Cruz and how it's as lovely as this peanut butter. I dig crunchy. Me when I was eight would hate the me that I've become.

Of course there's Bragg's. Liquid aminos instead of soy sauce. I still love my soy sauce.

Curry egg salad with sundried tomatoes, vegan parmesan, bell pepper, onion annnd butt-tons of other things. Delish.

Cookin'. This poor pot does so much.

Eggplant veg curry thing. On a leaf of Swiss chard.

Eggplant, onion, red bell pepper, chopped swiss chard, garlic, curry powder, peanut butter(instead of coconut), stevia (instead of brown sugar), paprika, fresh tomatoes, Braggs...umm...other things probably. Very untraditional, but had a sweet, creamy, fatty-nut and floral curry spice flavor. So lovely.

I still love eating vegan, but sometimes I just want meat or egg, so I have it. Eating veg most of the time still does some good for the world and for the body. But if that little chickadee walks in front of me seductively, I might to need to cook it. Martyrdom apparently isn't for me.


  1. Where'd you get that Vegan parmesan??! I really need to try that! i can't eat cheese no more..the lactose intolerance thing got worse :(

  2. I got it from the Boise Co-op, but I'm sure Clarks would have it, or maybe Sprouts!

  3. update: i bought some vegan parmesan from was really nasty :/ haha. maybe i have to get used to the taste? but i did buy some vegan pepper jack cheese slices and those tasted much better :) there is hope. goat cheese and feta (not sure if feta is goat too?) don't hurt me, so i'll stick to those for now.
    hope your doing good!

  4. Hmm, the brand I got was really good. Was the one you got in a silvery purple shaker? I'm doing well! Hope you are too :)