Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Starting Simple

So nothing that went down this morning involved fire, an oven, or a hot skillet, but a power drill, an enormous chef's knife, and a coconut.
This salad is way simple and is really only about the ingredients you use.  I would not make this at any time other than summer when the fruits can speak for themselves, and if organic, are likely not coming from soil that was painfully forced to produce them.

This market is amazing, and the people who work there are wonderful.  Hit it.  The man who told me how to break open the coconut made it sound much easier than it turned out to be, but the senseless battery ended up being enjoyable.

Draining delicious coconut water after drilling holes:

Completion of coconut demolition:

Such amazing pearly silky flesh.  It's amazing after bashing the thing so violently to have something so delicate and alive at the center.

Salad is as follows, though you can totally wing all of the proportions and doubtlessly end up with something delicious.  Give 'er a taste.

3 cups (ish) fresh chopped watermelon
2 cups (ish) fresh sliced strawberries
2 cups (ish) fresh raspberries (although I ate about half of them just in preparation)
juice of one lime (or 2 if your lime sucks)
handful of chopped fresh mint
all of the chopped coconut
3 drops stevia, 1 tbsp agave, or 2 packets dry stevia (if necessary)

Toss and marinate.  And then tuck into incredible summer freshness.


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