Monday, August 10, 2009

dinner party

at eric and bernstein's! or rather, cooking dinner for three men living in a nice downtown appt on market and 3rd (yes, such a thing does exist).
it was so fun. i just had free reign of their quite beautiful little kitchen, and bernstein took me shopping and paid for all.

the menu was: cajun-spiced salmon rubbed in sugar and sauteed and caramelized in butter; parmesan-bread-crumb-butter green beans; sweet potato and white potato oven fries with garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, paprika (i forgot chili powder...grr) and ceyenne pepper; chocolate and peanut butter fudge; and a lemon poppyseed bundt cake.
right when we got back, i plowed to it on the peanut butter and chocolate fudge, then the cajun oven fries with white potatoes, and then the lemon poppyseed cake. once things were baking and setting that i knew would take a long time, i could kinda get my head and felt like i had made my foundation for the meal or whatever. wine was poured, but i was too busy to drink. fingers scented with spices one moment and lemon zest the next. flipping back and forth between burners and fridge and pantry doors, giving eric dishes to wash immediately after i used them so they could just be used again! it was fabulous though.
the kitchen is my element.
things somehow came together, and i prepared the green beans and spiced and rubbed and sauteed the salmon and the men gathered round, ooh-ing and aah-ing, and immediately those noises turned into unhindered adoration.

"i'm a fat guy, and that was the best thing i ever ate!"

"this fish is amazing...i am never eating salmon again after this because it will not compare".

they said i can move in rent-free. hah. we shall seeee ;)

eric praising the gods:


the lemon poppyseed cake didn't come out of the pan smoothly, but oh well...

sweet tatoe fries

a great night had by all!


  1. ahh! so weiiirddd--today i was thinking "hanie should make a cooking blog with recipes n stuff"

    so glad you did!! <3

  2. More or less AMBROSIAL.

    Perhaps it's my lack of exposure to cooking blogs, BUT I really enjoy how you've humanized the COOKING EXPERIENCE with these few entries, peppering them with your perpetually entertaining observations/momentary thoughts and in this case, in conjunction with the happily bloated and sated responses of those who were fortunate enough to have eaten your concoctions. Basically, the nuances I enjoy about your other journal but channeled into a determined end.

    "peppering" :0