Sunday, August 9, 2009

quick post

dinner last night. you must believe how delicious this actually was.

it was:
1 carton egg beaters
chopped canadian bacon (idk how much, man...alot though)
1 pckg frozen veggie mix thawed and patted as dry as possible
like a tablespoon or so of buttermilk
sundried tomato flecks
garlic powder
a little thyme
chopped green onions

as a recipe, it really doesn't sound like much, but there was something about it that was completely delicious and oddly decadent. i thought i was blowing it by not having cheese on hand, but it needed it not.
mixing salsa directly into the egg mixture is almost ALWAYS a delicious way to add alot of surprising and vibrant flavor. but when i went to open the salsa, it exploded...botchilism!

sprayed a heavy black skillet with cooking spray (sort of alot because those things suck sometimes) and poured the entire mixture in and aranged it evenly and somewhat prettily. the sundried tomato flecks look kinda boogery. but oh well.
cook stovetop for maybe just five or ten minutes, letting it set, and shifting it ever so slightly, like you would with scrambled eggs. then place in a 350 degree oven for...umm...i don't remember how long. sorry! awhile. probably a little under 20 minutes or until the middle isn't jiggly.

some feta or ricotta would have been so awesome in it...and i think any frozen veggie would work, as long as you remove all of the excess water that you can.

i seriously need to work on my recipe-writing skills /=

dinner party tonight! will update you all tomorrow or late this evening if i experience the devestation of having nothing to do. <3 apparently these boys have NO FOOD in their entire flat.

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