Saturday, August 22, 2009

hey, beebs

getting my very own kitchen supplies today or tomorrow. probably tomorrow because i feel sorta sick for some reason. i get this alot. hopefully i can still drink tonight because i have secret beer leftover in my closet ^_^

lemon sugar cookies with simple glaze and coconut.

these are my mom's dream come true, but i should have toasted the coconut. brain fart. the glaze is nothing more than lemon juice, lemon zest and powdered sugar. c'est tout. the cookies are simple and buttery. i never use lemon extract because it's gross, so instead i add more zest than is called for. the coconut was really just wanting to get rid of what we had. alot of recipes are formed that way.

orange creamsicle cake i made for liam for letting me use his geography notebooks. i left it on his neighbor's porch. which is kinda funny i guess.

marinated and bbq-ed chicken. the grill was suffocatingly hot and smokey, but it was gratifying to grill myself.
the marinade was something like soy sauce, lil bit of worsteshire, touch of rice wine vinegar, buttload of sesame seeds, honey, fresh garlic...i kinda don't remember what else, if anything.

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