Tuesday, August 25, 2009

kind of alot of updates

i'll start with strawberry cookies.

k. sweet. moving on.

my mouse is being kind of a prick and won't let me navigate across pages.

i'm moving out this weekend. this is almost all of my cooking gear. some of it has been recently bought, but much of it is special and has been memorably accumulated. click on em to see what i mean.

also for moving out is this dresser that marcio and i decided to doll up. actually, my mom suggested it. i suggested we paint/collage it. marcio suggested we got to anthropologie to get bitchin knobs. between all of us we turned a shitty kmart dresser into a shitty kmart dresser with style, beauty and memories.

at one point, a couple of kitties rolled in, with skinny little bodies and excited little faces. their meows are tiny, and their feet are huge. we named them harvey (black one) and oswald (white one). they purr, they talk, they love. harvey has six toes on each of his front paws, and a higher pitched meow than oswald. both are equally curious, social, and are into dipping their faces and tongues into our coffees and sodas we'd left lying around. we fed them, as it seemed like they were starrrving. they were back today, talking to me, telling me how it is. dad's none too pleased and need not know we named them and continue to feed them (:

these need to be clicked on to really be able to see much of anything. i need to do the primer coat. the clock knob is my favorite.

nudie party!

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