Sunday, August 16, 2009

that's what she said...

i made these at work. they were magazines. i felt like i needed to write a letter and business envelopes were too heinous. i just used the fronts and backs as the actual envelope bodies and decorated them.
gotta make a living somehow...

foodwise, not alot's happened. i made kind of a ratatouille a couple of days ago, and just devoured the leftovers. scrumptious. no pictures. it was too barbaric-looking. and i busted my camera.
the gems of the dish were definitely the eggplant, roasted red peppers and basil from my beautiful humongous basil plant. true to form, i fingered all that stuff right out in due time, standing happily over the tupperware

so today i borrowed mom's little pink camera and vowed not to drop it in a creek, spill beer on it, or get beach sand lodged in anyplace.

we went to aztec falls and it was gorgeous. it wasn't until we'd swam and drank and been lazy, soaked in the sun like reptiles, crossed some gnarly ass river logs, peed in the water at least a handful of times each, and read teen vogue aloud did i start taking any pictures at all, and even then it was kind of obligatory. like i've been ingrained to photograph. whatever.
the falls themselves remain untouched by denise's little pink casio, but not by the swarms of strapping young lads throwing themselves off of the rocks. nor by several dozen cans of budweiser and bottles of gatorade, i'm sure.

the water was gold flecked and icy. beautiful.

tuesday i'm making jewish food. tomorrow i'm making some kind of food.

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