Sunday, September 13, 2009


after errands, i came home and enjoyed a little bit of baking. the recipe was simple but i had fun making it. i liked toasting the nuts, rolling out the dough, melting the chocolate, spreading the marmalade...idk...i like things that take seperate easy steps to assemble.
Jammie's Jam Bars:
(i'll forget giada if you do)

it's a wonderful recipe. my mom and dad are already digging into it, and i know of a certain brawny man who will be over here anytime now giving into its temptations. thanks again, lady!

my Amish Friendship Bread is still in process. this sweet little lady at the knit shop gave me the starter, which is very special and completely crucial to the process. no Amish Friendship Bread without friendship. it's kind of funny having what's really this live system of creatures sealed in a ziploc bag fermenting on the kitchen counter. everyday i have to mash it a little. nourish the little bastard. it smells nasty when i open it, but i'm sure it will develop into wonderful bread. it says to bake it finally on the 15th, but i think i should wait til the 16th because i did the second step on the 12th and not the 11th...
anyhow, here's the beauty:

when it's all baked off, and i've saved some of the mess to make more starter, i'll have to give it to 3 friends so they can make their own (:

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  1. yey! you made them! :) those little squares are so addicting!