Thursday, September 10, 2009

the big carl

so a couple of nights ago, marcio and i made an illegal late-night escapade to acquire a poster that my father simply needed to have. (his name is carl). upon our success, we then drove through the drive-thru and marcio got (what else?) a big carl. the big carl was too big for him though. too meatty. too much carl. just as one would expect for pow widdow mawcio.
today i took the contraband to his office while he was at lunch (at carl's jr, no doubt) and just his secretary was there. she didnt ask questions as i duct-taped his big-business-man-chair with our find. i was going to put it on the wall, but they were covered in awards and things, and i kind of think of this as being his throne. one of them.

family pictures in the background. haha.

i made this awhile back (i think father's day?). it says "king carlos" in gangster letters in the top left. i know it looks sorta shitty and homemade, but i kinda like that about it. and he's very proud.

carlos. carlitos. carlton. big man.
i love my daddy <3

oh! and cookies were a smash at the shop. the ladies are now on my honey roasted nuts even more than before after the red velvet batch. i do love them all and their jokes about breasts, pot, men and flatulence. this one lady, terry, was so excited about this candy bowl she bought for halloween to keep at the store. it had m&ms, popcorn and pretzels in it and this skeleton that makes a boner sound and sticks his tongue out at your hand. she made me test it.

i'm so inspired to keep baking for them. it's the least i can do, with them letting me use their yarn, teaching me to knit and supplying me with everything (including coffee, food and love) for free and doing so happily.
i now have this huge tub of fortune cookies in my posession thanks to nancy, and amish friendship bread starter from another lady. it's a very special thing. i get to work on it tomorrow and bake it off in four or five days i think. i'll show you what i'm talking about.


  1. hey lady! here a link to the orange and nut squares from the hippy party. just in case you wanna make marcio a batch since he liked them so much :)

  2. thank you! i'm going to make a few batches i think
    haha and i'll so blog about it (:

  3. the carls poster is sooo perfect!!! hahah