Thursday, November 5, 2009

poor widdo punkin

halloween party pumpkin with guac. the guacamole was pretty basic, but really delicious, and guacamole and vomit lovers alike really enjoyed this.
it was like 12 ripe avocados
juice of probably nine or so limes
garlic powder (cheap way out)
minced peblano chiles
a few diced tomatoes
diced red onion
black pepper
salt to taste
i drew the template for my dad to carve. carving pumpkins takes a good arm, and after all of the preparations that day, i didn't have a strong muscle left on me.

kidz in my kitchen. me with the gallo family, chugging away <3

foodstuffs! so much more. i was such a slave to the party, but it really is one of my favorite feelings to really PUT ON something like this from start to finish, sun up to sun down, sore feet, sore arms and garlicky fingernails. happy friends. so much gratification.

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