Wednesday, November 4, 2009

some stuff

fall is the perfect time to roast veggies. they seriously can be like candy. i think the best ones are rutabaga, turnip, big fat squashes, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. but do anything! i keep a kind of spice mixture in my head for such veggietimes. good amount of salt, garlic powder, chili powder, some cumin, black pepper and maybe some paprika. basic. but delish. and makes it taste like some commercial salty snack which i love.

halloween sugar cookies. we didn't make the dough...but why should we? we did make the glaze though. powdered sugar and milk, whisked with whatever color. simple and tasty. holds sprinkles nicely and turns into a bit of a shell.

mom's birthday dinner and tiramisu. the tiramisu had a bit too much wine flavor and not enough espresso. but as the days wore on, the alcoholic stack of fluff took on a lovely demeanor and pleased many.
the dinner is THAT salmon with the spice rub and the sugar glaze. alongside are roasted mixed potatoes and a salad with dried cherries, pecans and some sort of fancy cheese crumbles i found in the fridge by surprise.

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