Thursday, December 17, 2009

some christmas goodies

experimentation goodies really. mom found this amazing snowman cake pan from williams sonoma buried away like so many other treasures in this house.
i decided to test it out a bit before making some creations to take to parties this weekend. i think i greased/floured the smaller crevices a bit too much: the nose, eyes, coal-mouth outline, etc. for they kind of have this empty space where more cake was supposed to the grease fried the cake batter away from the mold too much. so i'll have to be careful.
made a spice cake. realized that this guy is going to take a double batch of cake batter to fill, so he came out kind of miniature and not completely filled out. still fine though.
i'm going to cut off his head and give it to my daddy.

these are cake mix cookies. you can do it with any mix, preferably betty crocker super moist or whatever. just instead of the amount of oil, eggs and water on the box, use a half cup of oil, 2 eggs and no water and form into balls. voila. cookies. delish. i only put icing on these because i wanted to use my sprinkles, and i don't like putting the sprinkles directly into the cookie. it feels weird. so the icing is some unmeasured amount of butter, peanut butter, powdered sugar, corn syrup, a touch of vanilla extract and a touch of cocoa powder. they came out like reeses cups with a cakey dense cookie bottom. these will definitely be shared among the masses.

this is marcio decorating the tree. i think he looks dashing in his teensy tinsey pants.

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