Tuesday, January 5, 2010

when everything just feels a little bit lovely

sick with a sinus infection today. felt like taking a few pictures of basically nothing at all and uploading a couple from before.
h.g. wells just attacked my baby guido on my bed. the following are just some pretty things including a couple of gifts i got for christmas. i probably won't cook for a little while, as i can hardly even taste or smell my food as it is. no bueno. i look like the corpse bride right now. i really do adore my room. sometimes i forget how much i love it, and then the afternoon sunlight comes in and everything is alive and fresh and bright and i'm so glad to have made it mine.

the gorgeous rare filet mignon in a port wine and wild mushroom sauce i had last week with ample veggies to mop up the goodness

my brother told me i'm going to have "juno's kitchen". i think he meant juno would have had hanie's kitchen. her character was the only movie character that sort of reminded me of myself... if i would have lived in the midwest, used slightly different slang, banged michael cera, actually liked iggy and the stooges and had ellen page's doe-like eyes, we'd be kinda close.

best expensive shower gel in the world

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