Sunday, January 10, 2010

thai-inspired sautee

also known as lunch.

1 small japanese eggplant
1/2 green bell pepper
2 roma tomatos
green onions (old and shrively in the fridge, but fine when cooked)
old salmon filet needing rescuing in a piece of greasy foil
dried basil
soy sauce
umm...rice wine vinegar
fresh minced garlic
chriracha hot sauce

basically this entire meal was a rescue. the green bell pepper was going ignored, along with the somewhat wilting green onions and salmon that is far too phenomenal to remain in the state i found it in.
plus, while i was chopping and frying, i was sort of shaking from a very long, painfully sensual 7 mile run. this food and i...we helped each other.

the key to this was probably heat. i wanted the salmon to actually be crisp and give out as much juice as it possibly could (eggplant is a veritable drunk), so i shredded it with a fork and put it in my piping hot skillet to render some of the fat and make it crisp-like. then the eggplant was next because it needs time to drink in the salmon by product. followed by peppers, green onions, tomato, soy sauce, chriracha, honey, the garlic basil and rice wine vinegar. i can't give amounts on any of these. i'm far too impulsive to really know. til it feels right i guess.

this meal was amazing. everything about it was amazing. slicing my vegetables, scraping the salmon goods off of the pan, lightly adding and re-adding. everything was quiet except the sizzling. no one was home. i felt really at peace. eating it kind of felt like a dessert in itself because making it was so enjoyable.

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