Sunday, March 7, 2010

pantry raid

this morning, while eating some peaches with chile con limon on the couch, alone, clutching my phone and the remote...watching the food network (wow, that sounds really shitty! in my defense, i'm still fighting off alcohol poisoning), i experienced an overwhelming compulsion to bake. without knowing why, i meandered into the pantry and found several promising ingredients that really weren't being given their own lives anyhow, so i got to work.

cans of sweetened condensed milk, lemons, coconut, vanilla, sugars, syrups, flours, almonds, even honey bunches of oats, peanut butter, and i don't remember all of what else ended up plopped on the counter.

time passed, and in a really calming state, old things took on new exciting forms that filled the whole house with sweet, toasting, buttery bake smells.

coconut macaroons

honey bunches of oats squares with coconut, peanut butter and toasted almonds...umm...realized it seemed very much like a stoner snack.

lemon butter spritz cookies. i ♥ my cookie gun.


  1. I read the title as "panty raid" eeeek hahaha!

    All of these look amazing!