Tuesday, April 13, 2010

limoncello cheesecake

umm...zero points for plating

I felt like this recipe would have been a lot better with mascarpone in place of the ricotta. Also used an 8 oz package of cream cheese, a shit ton of sugar, vanilla, lemon, limoncello and an egg. Delicious but should have been smoother.

I thought the crust looked pretty. It was crushed biscotti, which had this amazing anise smell, with almonds. Slosh around with butter, press, and bake, and you have crust.

Italian vegetable soup I made. Shit was dope. I added some anchovy paste for depth and it really had that je ne sais quoi which I love so much. Bryan was lured out of his room by the smell and stuck his head into the pot and took a good inquisitive sniff.

cookies via Mrs. Albini. She so had me punked, even though I made around 160 cupcakes. Her little touches were so...touching. Seriously. And I loved the stickers. I took a bunch of em, and I think wore one as a tattoo...?

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