Saturday, April 10, 2010

salmon cakes

I was so happy to make this dinner. My mom told me she had been bored of food for a few weeks now and this meal really perked her up and made her curl up with that satisfied "Mmmmm". Plus, I didn't have to buy anything! We actually had all of this stuff in the house. And also, I didn't use any recipes, which I always love doing. My favorite kind of cooking is COOKING...improvisationally. Intuitively. Just ebbs and flows, gives and takes. Yeses and nos. Feeling it out. Cooking.

Salmon cakes:

a few filets of really GOOD salmon baked the night before. flaked with a fork.
(i don't remember much was pretty wham bam...)
little horseradish
2 eggs
good amount of mayonnaise
a little bit of really good stone ground mustard
sweet relish
diced green onion
minced flat-leaf parsley
seasoned bread crumbs

Fried in a skillet with a mixture of butter and olive oil. Yes. Both. Butter itself burns too quickly, but I still wanted that awesome flavor. Butter and salmon are great buddies.

Garlic parmesan mashed potatoes.

I hate boiling potatoes. It's so boring and can take such a static amount of time. Just 2 russet potatoes, skinned, chopped, boiled. When finished, I mashed them with some half and half, 2 kinds of Parmesan cheese, maybe 5 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, and 1/4 cup of butter. I loved how the masher oozed a little bit when I pulled it up. And I love mashing. Using elbow grease and standing over the bowl just mushing the shit out of these poor potatoes.

Anyhow...served with corn. It was the only frozen source of fiber we had on hand and I am really stubborn about not going to the store when I can avoid it. Corn's delicious, but looks stupid in photographs.

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