Wednesday, April 14, 2010

orange cheesecake squares

I like thinking of them as creamsicle-esque.

these pictures are rather dull...

The bottom was kind of a cookie. Lotsa butter, sugar, brown sugar, some flour and orange zest to make this crumbly sweet sludge that turned into a cookie crust.
Cheesecake part was cream cheese, more sugar, vanilla, more orange zest, orange juice, some milk and egg. Bakey bakey.

Mom said she could eat them ALL DAY. This makes me happy because my mom really is a dessert connoisseur. She's terribly picky, but usually when i bake for her, she gets what she wants. But I also knew I had to get these out of the house so as not to risk my mom ODing.
Daddy ate and loved. Took a bunch to Alison's where her and Missy were the happy recipients. Yay. Now no more cooking for at least a week. Hawaii.

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