Saturday, April 24, 2010

tacos in hawaii

sooo I guess I lied when I said no cooking for a week.
My cousins own this amazing time-share condo in Makaha on Oahu. Practically private white pristine beaches buzzing with happy sea life. Josh and I watched turtles. Frolicked in the waves with the boys. Then made everyone tacos.

from their place:

also from their place. the rock jutting out was where Josh and I perched. A bunch of volcanic rock.

all the taco ish. We went to the grocery store down the street and I stocked up. I figured beef would be the safest bet. I have a beef-loving family, and I'm sure the bachelors preferred it also. They bought me booze. The only thing I couldn't find was cilantro.

Josh and a boy made me a drink (I wasn't paying attention to which one....might have been Evan...I think it was guava juice and vodka) , and Tim and Aaron and Stacy diligently and sweetly helped me chop veggies and smash avocados. Poor Tim got the onion.

Taco set-up was fajita veggies I sauteed in olive oil (red bells and red onions); garlic jalapeno aioli (nice word for creamy mayonnaise sauce); corn tortillas; zee famous guacamole (avocados, lime juice, red onion, tomato, jalapeno, salt, pepper, and a heaping splash of salsa verde); salsa verde; cheeses; marinated garlic lime flank steak; iceberg lettuce; tomato...uhhh...Josh put ketchup out. I gasped. He said he would put ketchup on a hundred dollar steak though...and that he has done it before...haha so whatever. I think that was the whole spread...oh, and sour cream. The only things I really had to cook and prepare for this were the guacamole, beef, fajita veg and aioli.

this would be the meat. I sucked at taking pictures for this.


fajita veg

DELICIOUS cubed ahi tuna stacy bought for me. i sauteed it with some garlic bean paste, a touch of wasabi, green bell pepper and green onion. ate over greens with guacamole.

chorizo and lime

pineapple, asian pear and watermelon fruit salad soaking in champagne.


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