Thursday, June 10, 2010

a lot of stuff

with a lot of stuff missing. I've been a bad food/cooking blogger lately. And I feel bad too that these pictures aren't that great and the salmon looks like ass. It was crazy delicious though. So I guess I don't feel too bad.

anime convention. i think it was some kind of staged battle.

flaked honey mustard salmon

made a nice rub out of honey, whole grain ground mustard, garlic, pepper, and dried rosemary. I really loved this combination. I felt like the runny pasty glaze made the moisture of the salmon that much more pronounced. I think I ate both of these. And it was just so sweet from the honey and spicy from the mustard, with this little floral fresh taste from the rosemary.

ass <3

coconut walnut cookie dough. I was kind of cleaning out the pantry on this one. We didn't have any brown sugar or butter, so I used this leftover earth balance vegan butter and maple syrup. Lo and behold, they came out really well. And the maple was a beautiful home fragrance diffuser. These got devoured at Alison's with beer and jacuzzi.

also made a batch of cranberry pecan cookies. not pictured. The house smelled like vanilla, maple bar dougnuts, tart cranberries, toasted nuts and coconut.


...kind of. Ivan and I were super hungry, so I cooked the fish (thus making it not really ceviche) in lime juice, jalapeno, salt, pepper and garlic. Shrimp, octopus (yum!) and flakey, light tilapia filets.

Tossed all together with jicama, tomatoes, avocado salsa, more salsa, lime juice, red onion, cucumber, cilantro, garlic, jalapeno, salt, pepper...

Needed a Mariscos fix. The octopus is my favorite. It's sweet and gummy like lobster. I guess gummy could be a bad thing. But I like it. Crisp potent little onions. Ahh, I'll stop. So refreshing and filling. Ivan and I were beached, and watching Andrew Zimmerman eat raw eyeballs, slabs of pork fat and bear steaks didn't help.

I do live for things aside from food ;)

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