Thursday, July 29, 2010

lots of vegan eating lately

I'm not really sure's just kind of been happenstance that it's what I'm preferring/craving.
Yay plants!

Boise Co-op wine shop is so nice! I can't afford most of it, but there are a few select bottles that caught my eye for special occasions. For me a splurge is a 15 dollar bottle...although there were several 160 dollar bottles available. I hope my taste in wine never develops far enough to actually really crave the extremely expensive ones.
...fortunately I'm a sucker for packaging, and usually the trendy bottles aren't too-too much ;)

vegan eets. Cauliflower-cheese. Cooked in vegetable broth, white wine and a ton of nutritional yeast for that savory cheesy potency. Garlic, mustard, pepper and a touch of soy sauce added. I KNOW it sounds weird...but it makes an oddly wonderful cheesy amalgamation of flavors! I promise. Like a sophisticated, tender, light macaroni and cheese.
And sauteed mushrooms. Simple. Just more broth and the same white wine. Seasoned. Garlic. There is something about wine and mushrooms that just sets things off.

A simple dinner for the end of a long day. I haven't cooked anything dramatically impressive lately, as I just don't have the time or resources, but this weekend I'd like to make a Thai soup of some kind...we'll see! There's coconut milk in my cabinet and there are ample Asian markets around town.
I need to get back in the habit of really using the's a little hard with roommates and having a mostly unstocked pantry. I barely buy things that I can't eat or prepare simply right away. This means no flour, sugar, limited spices, etc. It'll get better.
I am aware that this blog has declined in impressiveness over the last month.

River water. On my way to meet Matt on the other side of the bridge. We got caught in a wave of drunk Europeans downtown at the Basque festival.

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