Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas goodies and gifts

Mint-chip cookies. Sugar cookie-like dough with peppermint and those really beautiful pastel mint chips. Bright yellow, pink and mint green…like Beanie Babies.

I was mesmerized by the brilliant sweet colors and buttery peppermint smell.

Graham cracker brittle. Just graham crackers spread out in a casserole dish with a brown sugar/butter mixture boiled down and poured over. Sprinkled with peanuts. Baked for just a few minutes to kind of harden everything up and add a little roast to the peanuts. Peanuts are a fine nut. Cheap too.

Brownie batter with semi sweet and white chocolate chips folded in.

Checking for moistness. Affirmative.

Roasted maple nuts. Walnuts, maple syrup and a little salt. All crisp and candied.

Keepin' it real on the stovetop.

Gift packages.

Noey opening pwesents.


Lemme geek out for a sec...

Our little tree in a sweet little room at the Country Estate. We had to move the tree, and lost some lights along the way, but we had a lovely little Christmas set-up in the room where I've been taking my winter cat naps.

Flying M looking lovely. The snow looked and felt so enchanted on this night. I was headed in for my second 4 shot Americano of the day, but had to stop to stand in the glittering parking lot to catch some snowflakes and just watch them floating down. Sometimes it looks like they're coming from the golden light of the street lamps and for that moment, the street lamps look like shower heads with its droplets of water transformed into something slow, airy and lazy…yeah.


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