Sunday, January 9, 2011

11 recipes to try in 2011

I saw someone doing this on their blog, and I thought it was a really cute and motivating idea. For 2011, I definitely want to explore some recipes that I have never attempted before...out of laziness, lack of ingenuity, time, money, interest, or simply not having gotten around to it yet.

For 2011, I want to maaaake:

1. Risotto. Turning the starch of rice into cream?! Yes please! I've also heard that people think this is a daunting thing to make, and then other people saying it is very undaunting. This always peaks my curiosity. The ones who see it as daunting probably just don't want to stand there to stir it with the attention it requires.

2. Sourdough Bread. Sourdough bread is delicious, slightly airily picquant, and requires a special kind of starter, as well as a grip of time. I've learned a lot of patience in 2010. I think I can do this. Noah also mentioned something about needing for me to make sourdough bread.

3. Homemade Pesto. Storebought pesto can be so very delicious and absolutely sufficient to any pesto-y task. It is also usually cheaper than making it oneself. Be though as it may, I must still have a go at it. Even though it will involve grudgingly cleaning a food processor...except I can picture myself getting lazy and using my super tight immersion blender!

4. Clam Chowder (New England or Manhattan). The Manhattan chowder is very light and tomatoey and I'd probably tackle this traditionally. The New England, however, I would probably lighten up a bit. I don't like feeling like I'm falling into a stupor from an excess of milk fat. New England would also require a rather hefty doseage of lactase enzyme for me to survive its consumption.

5. Chilled Soup. Liiike cucumber melon or avocado or something? I always see chilled soups served so prettily and I want to partake in this prettiness. Just not gazpacho...nothing against gazpacho...I'm just having pale green fantasies of cold, thick, liquid freshness.

6. Poached Eggs...maybe Eggs Benedict. Hollandaise isn't really something I lust after, but I know other people do. Poached eggs however would be so cheap and nutritious. Again, one of those daunting/not-so-daunting things people talk about. I must try. Also, I've been reading fantastic things about what egg yolks can do for your hair, skin, nails and general woman-osity. I'm quite into beauty-food propaganda.

7. Salmon Poached in Wine. As though salmon is not moist, pillowy, and flavorful enough, I feel that I really must cook it gently in a fabulous lightly fruity white wine.

8. Pretty Molded Jello. Tacky, white and retro housewifey. I must do this. Pineapple chunks are sure to be a part of this.

9. Octopus Salad. Yes.

10. Fruit Tart. I picture something very glossy and pretty. Strawberries, kiwis, blueberries and blackberries arranged delicately overtop custard, nested cozily in a butter crust. 1000 calories of yolky, buttery, fruity, sticky elegance.

11. Jam. Like Grandma Couey...only very doubtful that it will be made with my own homegrown berries as hers was. I must do classic strawberry and classic raspberry, keep it in mason jars and freeze it. Instant nostalgia.

Anyhow, here are some super tacky BSU cupcakes I made for Diddy! Chocolate cake with heavily-dyed buttercream.

Not my proudest moment, but my parents love BSU stuff...and I love glitter sprinkles. We all win.

I made a couple of collages for my new apartment. They're not really done. I just like this idea of homemade decor. I can't take any artistic credit, because the drawings and photographs are where the real work and beauty comes into play.

I'm going to miss my big, bright, blue room at my parents' house. I'll just have to try that much harder to make my apartment beautiful.

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