Wednesday, March 30, 2011

cookin' for mama

Mom's visiting, and said she's been feeling yucky and wants to eat more healthfully. So, I went veg-heavy and bought some cod, vegetables, a pineapple, pulled out some booze, and went to work.

Beautiful good-smelling pineapple from a produce stand on Broadway. It looks a little green, but this 6 pound little thang was extremely juicy, sweet and wonderful. I had happy alone time with it. All alone. At the counter. Letting the threads and sharp bits get stuck in my teeth.

After animal time with pineapple, I made it into a kind of sorbet/drink/whatever. I wanted it to be a granita, but I also didn't want to keep scraping it around with a fork every 30 minutes out of the freezer. Dry cheap champagne. Ignore my cheapness. Please.



Grilled asparagus. Just with lemon juice, salt, pepper, olive oil spray and fresh garlic.

Fresh jicama salad. Just lovely chopped crisp sweet jicama, red onion, garlic, tomato, fresh oregano, lemon juice, a touch of balsamic, salt and pepper. Really crisp and clean. Served ice cold after sitting.

Everyone cuddling on the plate, getting all wrapped up in each others sensorial offerings...leaking garlic, lemon, heat and coldness. Lightly pan-fried some really flakey lovely cod. Served with the veg.

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