Saturday, July 9, 2011

not cooking

but more of assembling:

watermelon salad for the fourth of July:

BEAUTIFUL market-bought watermelon from a very nice lady out in Nampa who also sells pies, and gourds and pumpkins and things in the fall. This was watermelon at its summertime finest. Sinfully crisp, sweet, and hazardously juicy. Sadly, the picture is blurry and the presentation hardly even exists.
So, beautiful watermelon
peeled cucumbers
lime juiceand a simple vinaigrette dressing. Extremely light, fresh and crisp.

chocolate mousse for the heck of it:

TOFU. yes, tofu. Silken. 2 boxes of it
some odd amount of cocoa powder
some odd amount of stevia
peanut butter
almond extract
vanilla extract
tiiiny pinch of salt
touch of water to blend
then chill

if you don't want to believe that this was wonderful, that's fine...but my milk/cream/chocolate-loving boyfriend actually exclaimed at how tasty this was. try it! healthy cold summertime dessert.

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