Saturday, September 3, 2011

malfunctions of sorts and "Writers Prolong the Climax"

Hey, dudes! I'm kinda sorta back. Kinda sorta because I'm insanely busy and thus cooking much less, but I am still going to now start to make an effort to better catalogue what it is I do cook. Recently my camera broke and came back to life (diet dr pepper spillage) so many things that I actually have made this summer haven't been photographed, and therefore I can't even remember them (except for these chocolate cupcake thingies...dammit.) So following are some scattered pictures of food fun, food experiments, food made by me, and some food made by others.

Mainly, I haven't been cooking/blooging because of exhibits A and B.
A (basil bloody mary):

more A (San Francisco prawn bloody mary):

and B (English Department stuff/writing/school/homework, Writing Center work, etc. The shirt says "Writers Prolong the Climax"):

Also, my trip to California was a little distracting, but plenty food-filled! Phil bought me this beast. I sucked the meat out of its face. Mmm...facemeat.

These little buggers had the most delicious horseradish sauce alongside. So tangy and fresh.

Umm, so this is where my camera broke and I started trying to take pictures of things with my cell phone. I apologize for the haphazard quality of the photos, and the haphazard contents within the photos. I need to get back on my game. Good pictures make a world of difference.
Tons of fresh veg for experimentation:

Sauce and seaweed with the intent of making vegan nori rolls with cauliflower as the rice. (I did do this, but forgot to photograph the later results. *kicks self*. I've been so bad with blogging stuff.)

here's a big bowl of things I had chopped and ready to make nori rolls. They came out SO deliciously and I'm sad to not be able to show them because I'm a forgetful, scatterbrained buffoon. Cucumber, bell peppers, vegan shrimp, red onion, sprouts, shredded carrot, shredded ginger

So THIS mischievous product would be Yves rendition of vegan shrimp. Surprisingly tasty, sweet and shrimp-like, but nutrition and cost-wise, they leave little to be desired. Quite expensive, and with virtually no protein. I love me the real shrimp, but I do love exploring veggie products.

Makings of the sushi rolls you can't see. >_< sorry. In all honesty, I came home from a night out, less than sober with a dead phone. Made the rolls (kinda sloppily but still decent enough), devoured most of them, and promised myself to take pictures later. Then I forgot about that, and ate the rest. No pics. Stupid, hungry Steffi. Dipping sauce, veg, seaweed etc.

Batch of frozen breakfast burritos I made Phil and Tyler. Scrambled eggs with a little butter, turkey pepperoni, paprika, garlic, salt, pepper, green chile hot sauce, rolled into whole wheat tortillas with shredded cheddar and monterrey jack cheeses. Wrapped tightly, rolled up in saran wrap and frozen for microwavability so that cute little busy men can have hot, somewhat healthier breakfast burritos.


Cauliflower rice! Cooked with seasoned rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and stock. Sooo tasty, satisfying, and almost starchy. No, it doesn't taste like rice. But it has a similar chewy, satisfying, grain-like feeling, and actually tastes better (at least to me) because the cauliflower becomes kind of sweet in the cooking process. Much of this was eaten as is. The rest went into those rolls that none of us will ever be able to fully visualize again.

Om nom nom.

Nothing genius on this one at all, but I love the bubbles cinnamon toast makes with the sugar and the butter hardening into this top crust.

Kinda salmon breakfast scramble thing made out of leftover roasted salmon, tomato-jalapeno salsa, cilantro, eggs, and some spices I cannot recall.

Brekkers for Phil.

This has been my spice buddy lately.

Curry-spiced kale chips. Baked with curry powder, salt, garlic, until crisp and munchable like chips. This is an awful picture. They look and taste much lovelier.

On the ground somewhere in San Francisco.

Basically, other people have been cooking for me alot...

As a result, I'm better acquainted with Boise's healthier restaurants.

Soon, it will get cold though, and I'm not going to want to leave home or campus to go to these wonderful places. I will probably also look this sad and creepy a lot come this November.

I might just need to wear this:

Oh, hey, it's Frank Black.

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