Saturday, September 10, 2011

My place is a mess

My fridge is empty. My pantry is pathetic. My dirty laundry needs to be done, my floors need to be mopped, I need to run errands, blah blah blah. Yet, all I really care about right now is working on my fiction piece and some other assignments and studying and such.

This soup was made officially cleaning out the fridge/pantry. Shouldn't have worked! Shouldn't have tasted good! But it did. Ohhhh, but it did...

Made a bogus "trinity" out of chopped leftover celery stems, carrot and a LOT of good fresh garlic
Added diced fresh roma tomatoes that were sitting in a fridge drawer, soon to be forgotten about
Threw in fresh, long thin green beans
Onion powder (culinary joke, but makes things taste homier if lacking a fresh onion)
2 cans of red enchilada sauce (HAH. I apologize to anyone reading this who knows two shits about cooking. I'm embarrassed)
lots of water
Bouillon seasoning to make broth (love this stuff)
And lastly, threw in some leftover smoked turkey breast.

Hideous soup. But really, tasted delightful. If only it were made with a real onion, maybe some bell peppers and some jalapeno or something. It was extremely garlicky, and the enchilada sauce just...worked. It really did. So savory, flavors already so full...every once in awhile something good comes from cleaning the fridge, even if that good thing is ugly and culinarily incorrect.

Happy Birthday, Library! Thanks for letting me sleep on your couch.

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