Sunday, October 9, 2011

Double chocolate, fall harvest and veggie meatloaves

This morning, I've been listening to Ryan Adams and making mini vegetarian meatloaves. First though, yesterday's dose of food and autumn:

Double chocolate chip cookies to take to the Writing Center meeting. My oven is too small to fit a cookie sheet, so I've been baking cookies in a cupcake tin, either giving the cookies a perfect round shape, or an odd crater-like shape (as can be seen in the following):

Mom sent me these awesome boxes.

Yay Dub C meeting!

Now for fall harvest:

Went to the Idaho Botanical Gardens for the Harvest Festival. Lots of organic produce, jams, breads, hot food vendors, etc, as well as a scarecrow path where different clubs. businesses, and organizations have made their own scarecrow. I'd love for the EMA and/or the Writing Center to make one next year! I was really excited too that Boise Co-op members got in for way cheaper. The Co-op is tight.

Whoa, the music just shifted to Scissor Sisters. Way different mood.

Beautiful wonderland. If I were little, I think I would have taken off my shoes and tried to live here.

Vegetarian meatloaves! Not vegan, as I used egg to help to keep them together. TVP tends to fall apart way too easily.

TVP, worcestershire for a burger taste, liquid smoke, tomato paste, garlic, fresh thyme, celery, parsley, nutritional yeast, egg whites, salt, pepper...I think that's it, but I might be forgetting something.

These smelled amazing while cooking! I can't wait to try them later. The edges got caramelized. Suhweeeeet.

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