Wednesday, November 16, 2011


..that looks like bread.

So happy that Winco now has gluten flour in bulk! I can make protein-y seitan all I want now. Typically, I cook mine twice to get rid of the gumminess and to get awesome brownness. First I'll either roast or boil the seitan, and then I'll slice it and either roast it in slices or get it brown in a skillet. This batch was double-roasted and ended up looking like bread or french toast, but tasting very, very savory and meaty.

There are really no limits in flavoring the seitan while you're getting the flour wet and are shaping it into its gelatinous mass. Often, I use a combination of just water, Braggs or soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, liquid smoke, chili powder, cayenne pepper and whatever else. This is sooo interchangeable though. As long as you have a salt and a liquid you're good. A sweetening agent is nice too. Like stevia or maple syrup. Certain herbs can make this taste sausage-like too if you prefer.

Nom. Such good meat-free, cheap, healthy protein.

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