Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mashed Potato Bar

Mashed buttery creamy potatoes (as in, made with a crap-ton of butter and cream). Potato confectionary bar of fake bacon bits, REAL bacon bits (fried and drained earlier), chopped scallions, salsa, cheese, sour creams, sriracha, tapatio, green chile, gravy, goldfish, etc etc. Mashed potatoes were gone so so fast, even though I think I made gallons worth.

During the night, I also made oven fries - butter, olive oil, potatoes with skin on, chili powder, cayenne pepper, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, paprika...hmm...maybe some other things. Roasted on high at 425 til crisp, or until Prany saves them from burning!

Cupcakes are a must.

(Reeses chips)

Cutest redheaded baby EVER. Say yes to natural selection.

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