Monday, September 7, 2009

let's do lunch

pumpkin soup!
basically, after california pizza kitchen's thick asparagus soup with white zinfandel (pinot grigio? idk wine...), i've had this fixation/craving for thick, faux-creamy vegetable soup.
i thought that making it myself would be really rewarding and sensual, and baby, it was.

pumpkin, sweet rutabaga, red bell pepper, lil bit of celery, carrots, onions, vegan almond cheese (that's right), nonfat evaporated milk, vegetable stock, nutmeg, salt, pepper, fresh garlic...i think that's it but i feel like there may have been more. the veggies themselves acted as their own creaming agents, what with the sweet and starchy rutabaga, and the slightly caramelized onions and carrots. the vegan cheese and the milk just made it that much better. pureed in the blender. voila. very happy me. very happy mama. very happy daddy.
chelsea texted me out of nowhere and said she wanted to have a nice lunch and i was like "noo wayyy", so she came over (*blogsluts!*) and we did it. lunch. we did lunch. i set the table all geeky with flowers and napkins and leftover wine. that wine was from a ridiculous thursday and spent a good amount of time in my closet hiding from mom and dad, so i was surprised it was still good.

chelsea looking happy with soup (:

vegan bacon bits, basil, green onions, almonds and parmesan to top. heated some delicious grainy, seedy bread.
so nice to just have lunch and talk with chelsea. it was very adult and sweet.
being an adult is still so surprising to me.

we played with kitty and then she dedicated a song to him that night. <3 "this song is dedicated to hanie's cat because he has six toes".

i haven't felt like posting lately. i don't know why. probably too busy, tired, happy and productive to even capture the productivity.
i hope everyone had a fabulous 3 day weekend!!! :D



  1. "we did it. lunch. we did lunch."
    this made me lol. blgsltz hahah.

    it was nice to just talk and have lunch! let's do it again...lunch, that is.

    aww gael <3
    i texted my dad to tell him about gael and he replied: "that's pawesome!"