Thursday, September 10, 2009

compulsion to bake...

led me to make these:

cranberry, white chocolate cookies!

...okay, not exactly. we had nooo ingredients. we had craisins i think from last thanksgiving, and instead of white chocolate chips, we had "vanilla-flavored candy coating". haha ew. i seriously needed to bake. hectic morning and afternoon pushed me toward the flour, sugar and butter, and i was willing to use all we had. i also found some honey roasted peanuts (what the hell, right?). i chopped those up with the fake white chocolate and craisins and threw em into the cookie dough.
honestly (phew!), they came out wonderfully. my mom and dad looove them. and my dad is so happy when i bake. his baby pampering the big carl. the rest are going to these ladies and their crew. they've been so good to me.

the ones we kept were scarfed efficiently over the course of obama's address on healthcare, the fox news response (hah), and a dinner and evening with my uncle back from china.

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