Tuesday, November 3, 2009


haven't blogged in a terribly long time, but that's not to say that I haven't been cooking! A girlfriend and fellow blogger and I actually just talked about this yesterday and how we've been starting to think it's super weird. But, I'm going to give it a try again at least for now (:

i'll start with the pies. basically, I also have to use only pictures that I have on this computer (macbook pro!)

these pies are super easy. I made I think five of them. 1 strawberry rhubarb, 3 apple and 1 pear. use an apple that won't fall apart and stays crisp and not mealy...like a fuji, granny smith, gala, etc. not golden or red delicious. and the pears should be slightly under-ripened. i hear myself sounding like food tv...
the recipe for these are all the same and super simple. i tried to type them out right now but i don't remember like i thought i did. butter, fruit, sugar, tapioca, salt, cold water, flour, vanilla and cinnamon. how much of what though has completely escaped me.

i did the lattice top on the first one, which wasn't too much fun, but came out nicely. this was for marcio's mom at one point.

this one was just because. oak glen apples i think.

this one was made the morning I split my head open on the corner of my desk in the middle of the night, panicked, thought I had a concussion and then got the wound stapled, while texting friends at 4 ish in the morning. I got home around 7 or 8 something, laid down for awhile, took some of my pills, and then seriously, just HAD to make pie.
the cut looked like nothing once it was bound and stapled, but it bled so much when it was open and gaping that it definitely warranted a trip to the ER. memories!

idk about this one...more oak glen apples i think.

the crusts of these came out really good, which is something to be proud of. crusts are hard, man! but really, I just had a steady recipe. I think one of these went to the judge family. and a few of these were sampled by several bloggie friends, and other unbloggie friends. my strictly old-fashioned (to put it nicely ^_^) grampa was so happy to hear I made pie! daddy was also quite thrilled. as were all of the other men in my life. there's just something about a bitch makin' pie.

all of this is mom's birthday mash-up from me. marcio took the picture of harvey and I in my backyard, and the frame is totally k-mart. pictured, and present but hidden are: a big bouquet of autumn blossoms, the mermouse pop-up book, where the wild things are, a "cat shooter" (which indeed shoots plastic cats), the twilight soundtrack, a twilight bookmark, another cutesy kids book with baby mice, and her favorite bbq chips.
...she screamed over and over again. i just realized that every one of these things was aimed at making someone happy, and I did.

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