Sunday, June 13, 2010

Early Father's Day

This is going to be a very photo-heavy post...It's kind of the nature of red meat, flakey pastry, and moist chocolate cakes to be very photogenic.

Made dad Beef Wellington, cream cheese garlic mashed potatoes and a dark chocolate peanut butter sour cream reeses cake.

The man loves a good salad.

Searing the filet mignon. Lightly seasoned. Olive oil. 2 minutes on each side.

Seared and resting.

Assembly: Sauteed mushrooms, shallots and garlic in a cooking wine and butter reduction laid over puff pastry dough.

Topped with filets.


Topped with Gorgonzola cheese.


I <3 U


Cake out. Almost clean. Missing a chunk. I suppose I should mention that this is a dark chocolate sour cream cake with a layer of chopped reeses cups in the middle.

Out of the oven! Golden from eggwash.

Sour cream and garlic mashed potatoes.


Cake with melted chocolate peanut butter icing.

Wanna hit dat.



Happy daddy <3

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