Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where to begin?

Lonnng time with no updates. I up and left for Idaho, and had a wonderful time, but alas, no kitchen! I did manage to clog KC's sink though because I thought he had a garbage disposal...still feel bad about that. I can post some of the things I ate/prepared in Boise, but it was none too glamorous (except for when my mom bought me food out!), but I don't want to turn into your basic food-blogger who feels the need to dissect every hidden angle of a meal that someone else made at every sitting.

When I move into my apartment back in Boise this Sunday though, I'll have a small kitchen just for me, as my own personal expect to see new cheap creations on new cheap plates!

To update a little, these are just some Jello shots and cajun spiced potato fries I made before I left when I had people over.

Jello shots I definitely prefer to do with vodka (made from potatoes!), and received a couple fine bottles of such as gifts which was delightful. I love being the recipient of fine inebriatives.

Oven fries. Idaho russets, dude. Slathered in olive oil and baked twice. First time at 350 for a longer time, second at 425 just before serving for a shorter time until crisp. I use a pretty consistent mix of salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, paprika, cayenne, and maybe one final thyme.

Ended up making a couple of huge pots of mashed potatoes throughout the party, which was interesting as I was tipsy. No pictures. I just know they were loaded with butter, milk, fresh garlic, salt, black pepper, and thinned out with half and half. It was really fun being in my parents' kitchen in the midst of a party cooking and serving up beer cups full of potatoes. Served with optional crumbled bleu cheese.

The array of food for the party was bizarre, as this get-together was very last minute and I didn't feel the need to spend more money on it than that of the 3 dollar, ten lb bag of potatoes.

Fruit salad with fruit we had. Mom made Boise State Bronco cupcakes. I think they were orange. Big weird bowl of just marshmallows, fortune cookies, reeses cups, graham crackers...I really just rummaged through the pantry...


Biker babe.

Buhhh, okay I'm tired of blogging right now. Image uploads take too long. Later.

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