Thursday, July 8, 2010

A little more...4th of July

Spent with some of my Aunt's friends in San Clemente. Beautiful, heavily aged, incredible house. Apparently people are fighting over the house like crazy. It's worth several million even though it's falling apart, and the guy who's holding onto it at the moment isn't allowed to fix it up too much for some reason...I honestly adore it exactly as it is. Old light switches, wrought iron, stucco, brick fireplaces, old old wood, art, chain pull things for light switches in the bathroom. The view was world class. We just kicked it. Ate, talked and philosophized with some cool, older and very successful people, and watched the fireworks. It felt like that portion of the beach and the water belonged to us as a group, and I began to see how that could be very dangerous, but also very enjoyable while sipping drinks and eating salmon.

I had a couple of plates like this...salmon simply cooked with dill, lemon and salt, and trout cooked and seasoned the same way. So delicious. Someone did those fishies right. I thought the trout was actually a little's slightly less fatty. Chinese broccoli with some kind of hoisin marinade, ceviche that was very avocado heavy, bell peppers, carrots and dip, fruit, and some kind of sesame kale salad. I like nutrient bombs. I don't usually just post pictures of what I ate unless I made it, but these dudes really had it going on.
And I did contribute the fruit salad I suppose.

Humongous pickles from Tom's Farms with Bernstein. He wanted some fancy lemon-infused olive oil. I could have told him how to make it, but that would have made me a killjoy, and we wouldn't have had such need to explore Tom's Farms as we did. Fun little place. I bought good German garlic pickles, some perfectly potent peachy peaches that were obviously naturally grown by the taste of them, and some brand of Chile Con Limon I'd never seen before. An Abba Zabba for mom.

Bernstein also bought this great smoked shark that him and I ate standing up in the kitchen later with pickles.

And cat in the toilet...because I love cat in the toilet.

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