Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shepherds Pie

I love this kind of cooking, where you can kind of just wing it and go recipe-less...actually I think most things are that way...except for maybe baked desserts and souffles.

Ivan and I got together our trinity. He cuts celery very well. Simple home flavors trinity of just yellow onion, carrot and celery. Cooked in butter and olive oil. Salt and pepper. Sweat, cook and flavorize. Added flour to thicken. Garlic later so it wouldn't burn, but could still do its sensual infusion throughout the veg.

Added lean ground beef (lean enough to not need to drain, but still with enough flavor running through...flavor's a very nice word for some fatty fat-fat) and brown. Salt and pepper. Umm...then I think it was a few splashes of beef broth, a few more heaping splashes of red wine, and finished with frozen peas, corn, and another sizable pat of butter to bring it all together. I think I threw in cayenne pepper, oregano and a touch of celery seed somewhere back there. Any kind of earthy herb will do, but you want to be careful not to mix too much. Honestly, the wine, butter and beef are kind of the shining stars of this...and probably the garlic.

The fragrance of this almost made me pass out.

Totally made mashed potatoes from the box, because they're just so consistent! Lots of butter, salt, black pepper, garlic and good parmesan cheese running through.

Ivan's sample cup.

Assembled by just laying out the meat mixture into a casserole dish and spreading parmesan-licked potato fluff over the top. Baked for maybe 20-25 minutes until the peaks of the potatoes got a little golden color.

into ze oven

out of ze oven

My brother Marcus is home and he loved this. He's super picky and isn't afraid to let you know (love you, Markie ^_^), so I was thrilled when he told me more than once how good this was. Happy Bryan, happy Daddy, happy Ivan...I wonder why I enjoy making men happy so much...probably something biological.

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