Thursday, August 26, 2010

left and right in the dark

It's Thursday. I'm listening to Julian. I feel light as a feather.

Noey Noah came over last night and I had an urge to be a good woman and cook despite my exhaustion. 4 classes in one day is kind of a trip. I guess we all did it in high school, but this is definitely very different. Who knew school took effort...


Winco catered to my cheap-skate needs.

bought this whole mess and some other sippy cups.

boy and girl in the mirror

I opened the sliding glass door at that perfect Boise dusk time while my neighbors smoked on their pack porches. Kept the laptop open and listened to Beach House and Dawes. Chopping, simmering, tasting, sizzling. Absolute peace. A boy showed up on his skateboard and I took him in and fed him.

Decided to go white-girl Thai and just made a happenin stir fry of
red bell peppers
green bell peppers
yellow onion
water chestnuts
tons of mushrooms
fresh ginger
fresh garlic
and cubed tofu marinated in a garlic chili sauce...extra garlic of course.

Heated up the sesame oil (yum!) and threw in the most dense veggies first...carrots, onions and peppers, shrooms. Added everything later.
More chili sauce, honey, soy sauce and white wine found their way in there...and more garlic and ginger.
There's something about wine throwing its lusty boozy body into Asian flavors that is just intense and wonderful.

No wok, two pans. Recognize.

Served with these Japanese rice crackers which turned out to be kind of yucky and looked like unhealed human flesh. And some chopped salted peanuts, and fresh scallions. The stir fry was good though :) very gingery and fragrant like whoa like whoa like whoa

Boy eating tofu <3

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