Sunday, September 5, 2010

Veg Stuffed Peppers and other oddities

This is my morning view. I know it isn't a huge view, but the green just makes me feel so cozy and taken care of...even when the fridge is empty and mommy and daddy are 850 mi. away.

Bronco party in the library! I was studying, and suddenly the whole BSU band comes in and does this really kickass performance in the library. Their conductors stood on desks and tables and the Bronco (I think he has a name) danced like crazy. So college.

GRUB. Made stuffed bell peppers. This is the filling. That glorious red powder is anatto, cayenne, cumin and chile powder. The mush below the glorious red powder is textured soy protein, lots of yummy salsa, diced roasted green chiles, sauteed onion, red bell and garlic, annnd...I always forget something. Oregano!

The smell was intoxicating. I think the green chiles, garlic and sauteeing red bell peppers' aromas stood out the most, making the little apartment smell like an Acapulco restaurant. Stuffin these dudes.

Ready to bake. And get baked.

This is what that weird stuff looks like un-treated. It's kinda good as's crunchy and just has a grainy a mis-shapen Cheerio. Anyhow, mom sent me a bunch of this in one of the packages she sent me. I was stoked!

Out of ze oven.

Toasty! The flavor concentrated with baking, and their green pepper dishes wilted slightly and gave released a lot of liquid into the casserole dish....a.k.a. flavor maximization.

Drowning in homework last week.

Outfit. Another courtesy of my amazing mom.

Spondee :)

Noey...looking inappropriately sexy.

Batter to make vegan coconut peanut butter brownies. Somehow, I didn't take any pics once they were done...but they were enjoyed by myself, Noah, Serin, Adam and Joseph.

Making my own veggie meat. Choose to believe me or not believe me when I say that this stuff tastes amazing. Serin really liked it and kind of bounced around when she tasted it.
I kind of eyeball all of the measurements, so a recipe would be useless for me to try and give...but it's vital wheat gluten, soy sauce, tomato paste, nutritional yeast, water to pull it together, and a ton of other flavorings and spices. Garlic of course. But's just like the most savory, heavy, dense, almost gooey meatloaf ever. What a terrible description! And that burned shit is great. I think there's also some thai red chile sauce in this batch too. I make this quite a bit, but had always baked it before now. Sauteeing in a massive clump and burning the outsides is the obvious answer though. And you can never have too much nutritional yeast. More on homemade veggie meat at some later time.

Noah's silo.


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