Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hometown Vegan

This snowy snowy day called for some good old country grub. My immersion blender came in the mail, and I'm so stoked...Made mashed cauliflower with it. Noah said that upon tasting it he wouldn't have known it was cauliflower, and would have thought it was potatoes. Yayy. Steamed with garlic, salt and pepper and thyme and then mashed with vegan butter and nutritional yeast. Or I should say pulverized. Made a mushroom gravy - vegetarian gravy mix, vegan butter, mushrooms, water to thin, garlic, salt, pepper, more thyme and nutritional yeast again. Boil to thicken.

This immersion blender is going to see a lot of use! This cauliflower mash looks heinous, I know...but it tasted really lovely.

Mini seitan meatloaves!

Girl plate. Mash, gravy and seitan loafs. Scallion garnish.

My first actual snowy morning. Yesterday didn't count because it wasn't sticking to the ground. So beautiful.

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