Friday, November 26, 2010


So maybe oatmeal doesn't really deserve a blog post, but this is more about the pretty snowy morning than the oatmeal itself.

Just oats, chocolate soy milk, flaxseed meal, chopped walnuts, tiny pinch of salt and honey. Served to Noah with more honey, peanut butter, teeny chocolate chips, more chocolate soymilk and peanuts.

1 spoon in each hand.

Maybe oatmeal does deserve a post after all.

Hillfolk Noir at the Christmas Craft Fair at the Linen Building.

Craft Fair.

So pretty.

Noah scraping the snow off of my car...with a burned copy of a Taylor Swift cd. Nothing against Taylor Swift. Seriously. We just really needed an ice scraper.

My first ever year in the snow. It's been brutal thusfar, but pretty enough to be worth it.

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