Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sushi and explosive botulized applesauce

Raw vegan nori rolls:

I was homesick and felt yucky. I remember hearing before that the seaweed in nori rolls has the b-vitamins your brain laps up when it's down, so I just had to make me some sushi...nevermind the vitamin B tablets on my bookshelf...
Sprouts, tofu, oyster mushrooms, red bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, cilantro, lime, sweet rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, nori seaweed.

Yes. Bites of texture and raw healthy pure bliss. My brain feels better just having partaken in the private ceremony of nori roll consumption. It was very ceremonial. And very, very private.

Vegan peanut butter cupcakes I made for Noah and my roommate and her boyfriend. They fortunately also ended up getting passed around to skating boys and Ashly. Yay.
Admittedly, these were ridiculously impromptu. Made from boxed pound cake mix I found in the cupboard and wanted to play with. I was going to bake the mix with applesauce instead of eggs, but upon opening my giant plastic Fred Meyer jar of apple sauce, the lid blasted off with a bang. I screamed, and the contents of the cold jar were steaming. Botulism! After briefly contemplating suing Fred Meyer, I relinquished these thoughts and decided to simply sub the egg with flaxseed meal and water instead, which is always a worthy way of doing things. Did that, and decided to add a few lovely dollops of peanut butter to the mix and some vanilla. Baked in cute cupcake liners from Mom. Fed skate boys.

The tops of these make them look dry, but they were actually teetering on being too moist. They were falling out of their liners with lush fatty cakiness. (Spell-check says "cakiness" should be "canines.")

Awesome wall thingies Simona sent me! I had to put them up asap.

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