Monday, January 10, 2011

Doing shameful things...hideous despicable things...

with vegetables.

Bryan's birthday dinner, as predicted was filet mignon with a German chocolate cake for dessert. Doing the cake is kind of my mom's thing and she's fabulous at it, and my dad is the grill-master, so I took on the sides. Based off of the contents of our fridge, and the fact that asparagus was finally not stupidly expensive, the results were as follows:

Bacon-wrapped asparagus (I'm so sorry, asparagus.) Rubbed the veg down with a tiny bit of olive oil, and wrapped in bacon. Decided to go the safe oven-bacon-route and put the spears on a cooling rack so that the bacon could crisp up as it drains its fat, rather than swimming in it as it cooks out. Topped with a little pepper and cayenne.

Crispen with tender asparagus.

Things that would go into my mashed potatoes...leftover chipotle chiles in adobo, fresh garlic, chives (at the end) and fresh cheddar.

Sour cream and butter also made their way in. As did pepper. Silk.

The smells of garlic and bacon were penetrable and resonating in the kitchen atmosphere with smoky undertones of chipotle chiles. I heard moans coming from the dinner table, as well as endless compliments and exclamations. My family eats good food, so it means a lot to me when they really gush over things that I have made, and speak of them being the best things they've ever eaten. I love doing this. Plus, making these horrendously rich, flavorful and fattening dishes was an easy impromptu birthday gift.

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