Saturday, August 8, 2009

I feel sort of

lame for blogging already again, but I feel like there are alot of pretty little aspects to be taken in from today, even if all that I've "made" yet persay is a huge salad.
My aunt recently came to visit bringing with her 70s treasures.
I spent the morning pouring over these japanese-influenced fashion magazines all from 1971. The pages are just beautiful. They're oversized with a matte finish, and the photoshoots are all that I could ask for and more in the realm of style. I don't think I've ever found shoots this good all in the same place before.

dang, blogging URLs are crazy!
and this is a sweet little wrap thing that my grandmother had made for her when she said she was "a size six...HAH!" and it could pretty much fit anyone within 50 lbs of my sizerange so that's nice. I really love it.

Guido dug the mags too, but I had to move him because he drools and loves laying on papery things...?

Alas, this would not be complete without food of somekind. I went to Cardenas and bought all these nootrishus veggies for under five bucks total. Salad below. Nothing exciting. I'm basically catering a dinner party tomorrow night though, so we'll see!

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